you think you’re trash?! step the FUCK OVER I am the goddamn QUEEN OF TRASH

i dont wanna be that weirdo that adds comments to their reblogs but goddamn do i love you for drawing this


I think dragon pokemon would make dangerous partners ’ x’

perspective practice! totally wonky but at least there was an attempt


Mega Lopunny Set

That should get everything out my system lol

i usually tend to fantasize about having sex with huge and monstrous pokemon but the thought of having sex with a bunch of smaller ones at once is really nice *__* like, having a bunch of pachirisu fucking each and every one of your holes, climbing all over you and nibbling and licking at you and just having tons of fun with your body by squeezing inbetween your breasts and legs ♥♥♥ or a bunch of bug pokemon getting you all sticky and covered in their fluids or webs, the feeling of their little legs against your bare skin!! it all just sounds so nice and overwhelming i cant deal

08-19 / 21:21
Anonymous asked: sounds like you and your gf had a lot of fun!!!

yes we did!!! i’m so happy i got to see her ^o^ aaaaaaaa

08-19 / 21:06

visiting my gf right now, which is why i haven’t been around for a while!! she is cute and sweet and perfect.

i’ve been gone for about 2 weeks though and i miss you guys!!! send me messages so i feel a little less homesick for this blog 

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my 1000th post was kaz suckin a dick

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Anonymous asked: I think it would be Really Cool to let a Ditto have its way with you and watch as it seeps into your genitalia and just kinda get sucked inside it, letting it fill every hole... ye

oooh yeah, i have a huge thing for slime/goo characters as it is, but man i feel like ditto’s ability to transform would make things even more interesting!! it could turn into any kind of toy you wanted, or even other pokemon *__* ahhh, there’s so much you could do with it, what an incredible thought…!!!

08-04 / 22:05
Anonymous asked: How has your BDD been recently?

ahaha i havent used it in a really long time, actually ;v; i’ve either been too exhausted from work or every single family member is home, i can never win……………… orz

08-04 / 22:02