@anon - i wasn’t sure if you wanted me to publish your ask because you wrote down your twitter url, but i’m always willing to approve follow requests on my nsfw twitter and i just approved yours, ty ;W;!

09-20 / 20:09

Reminder that I have a nsfw twitter (with the same UN as this account!) which I just started using again!!! Listen to me talk about dragon dicks!!! Talk to me about dragon dicks!!!! Etc!!!!

09-19 / 13:12

"OH NO THIS SHOULDNT BE HOT" the life, the experience 

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"Don’t Hold Yer Breath!" - by CherryBox

HOW DO I SHAKE THIS WEIRD FETISH GUILT…… this is something i’ve been struggling with for AGES and in the past it’s gotten to the point where my kink-related guilt absolutely murdered my sex drive for months. how do you reassure yourself that you’re a good person despite the fact that you like bad things. how.

09-14 / 18:29