"Don’t Hold Yer Breath!" - by CherryBox

HOW DO I SHAKE THIS WEIRD FETISH GUILT…… this is something i’ve been struggling with for AGES and in the past it’s gotten to the point where my kink-related guilt absolutely murdered my sex drive for months. how do you reassure yourself that you’re a good person despite the fact that you like bad things. how.

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Anonymous asked: Does that mean you aren't interested in actual noncon things anymore? you could always find someone else to run the blog

that’s… partially it. it’s mainly that i’m not as heavily into BDSM as i used to be (the bdsm community has really disappointed me in general and i don’t want to add to that even indirectly), and i have a bit of nagging guilt over entertaining fantasies of sexual violence in the first place. i still love fictional gore and violence but publicly expressing it (even if it’s just reblogging fanart to a blog) makes me feel uneasy and guilty.

it’s a little hard for me to explain. like, if i have a fantasy about being beaten up and taken advantage of, that’s fine because it’s my fetish, and i’m ultimately “consenting” in my own fantasy. but if i enjoy art of another person (even if they’re fictional) being beaten up and taken advantage of, i feel guilty because it’s no longer me, and i’m using the subject of the art as a proxy for my own sexual enjoyment and as a result gaining arousal from violence enacted on another person. 

if i felt the absolute need to keep the blog running at a regular pace i would certainly look for someone else to manage the blog, but honestly it’s never been that important to me, lol.

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Heres “I </3 u 2” also by miu. I guess you could call this a sequel to “I <3 u 2”.
Part 1.




I finally drew something

Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful season of more porn

but I’m busy as fuck so probs not, sorry

oh my fucking god this is perfect


Commission for chibihisagi of Bigby from The Wolf Among Us with her Fable character Anna! She requested that I draw him smaller than his usual size.

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